Zombie Anarchy Gameplay Android / iOS

Zombie Anarchy Gameplay
You have what it takes to survive in hell on Earth?
From the beginning of the desperate struggle of the living in the best game of strategy and survival online. Find the last human on Earth and in the art of survival addestrali in the war against the apocalypse. Take on the living and the dead that roam the city. Build your defenses to protect the field from an army of raiders and the struggle to discover the secret of the end of the world.
ZOMBIE of ANARCHY ™ features:
Each survivor has a fighting technique and unique backstory to discover. Enigmatic Kane all’arciera Rosie, everyone has secrets.
It is hard to find resources during the apocalypse. Use guard towers, flame throwers, tesla towers and more to prevent the enemies to sneak and take your supplies!
WARS PvPùCreate an army of skilled raiders to fight with players from around the world in online PvP matches. Stealing their precious materials and accumulates victories to rank.
Destroy infested fields by zombies to get resources and face monsters evolving in tactical missions full of action.
Shoot the dead in the mini-game Hunting zombies to unlock rockets, explosives and other lethal weapons to use thanks to the test van apocalypse!
SURVIVE apocalypse
Discover a new level of strategy by managing the action during the assaults, driving the survivors and taking advantage tactically their strongest skills to destroy enemies.
Plundering resources and rare items to enhance buildings and survivors. Create the best golf and facts envied by everyone in the wastelands!
You can download and play for free ZOMBIE ANARCHY ™. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings.
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