TERA HERO 테라 히어로 UNREAL ENGINE 4 – Android IOS Gameplay

■ 3 player party play
Enjoy three-party party play, where the fun of strategic composition and control doubles! Feel the joy of combat, from console-quality to mobile-optimized controls.
■ various characters and your own expedition
The various characters of Terra Heroes are all available through gameplay, and you can collect these characters to build and grow your expedition and experience the fun of authentic RPGs provided by Terra Heroes. Understanding the connection system between the characters double the fun of building your own expedition!
■ various challenging contents
Gilean has a variety of fun elements and days of the week dungeons, including PvP’s end-of-the-game content ‘The Battleground for War’, ‘Golden Golem’s Treasure Warehouse’, and ‘Railway Retreat’ to hide the hero who has built the most powerful expedition. Rich contents of Tera Heroes that are composed of breathlessly up to ‘Forest of
■ exhilarating exhilarating hand-feeling [Boss Raid]
The strategic battle that is different from the boss raids experienced through RPGs awaits. A massive raid with up to 6 users playing 12 characters together. The ultimate boss raid can’t be challenged without strategy
In addition to the world boss content [black crack] and RPG [exchange] you can feel a variety of fun and taste of growth!
Enjoy the thrilling fun of RPG with stunning graphics, rich content, and three-party play beyond the original Unreal Engine.
■ worldview
In the parallel world of Arborea, the original Terra world, and in the past, Arborea, the story after the invasion of Argon is just unfolding. Arboreas of the past, on another level, were a world in which the new world was sealed and the gods were invisible. The various races of descendants of the ancient gods sought God as Creator and Leader, but what appeared before them was the black gaps in which time and space were distorted and the unknown that occurred there.
“The six chosen heroes will find the gods and help them remove the seals of the new world.”
The various races receive divine revelation in a car that has suffered so much damage that it cannot endure it, and it is this that brings together the meaning. And now, they are recruiting expeditions all over the world with the belief that an unseen hero will be active on the expedition. As a result, races with different goals and desires, such as mission and honor, begin to gather one by one.
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■ Tera Hero Official Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/cafeterahero
* In the official cafe, you can be the first to receive news related to the game such as the latest news and regular check-ups of Terra Heroes.
■ Tera Hero Homepage: https://terahero.redsaharastudio.com
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