Soul of Heroes : Empire Wars – Android Gameplay

Soul of Heroes : Empire Wars Gameplay( Android, iOS, iPhone, Ipad)

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Soul of Heroes! Where you will experience the fun of various tactics and easy speedy growth!
Appealing outlook and heroes with global background!
Easy collect! Quick growth! Great fun of using various heroes for strategic battle between the Alliance! 
Abundant tactic elements that mobile could never provide before!

■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■

▶▶ Numerous Collectable Heroes ◀◀
Create your own party by collecting distinctive heroes with various cultural background!

▶▶ Speedy Hero Growth ◀◀
Tactically place your heroes on battle as they grow fast!

▶▶ Various Battle Styles ◀◀
Challengeable contents where you can experience diversifying patterns of battle, differ from the scenario 

▶▶ Strategic Alliance Battle ◀◀
Recruit powerful Alliance members and battle together to create the world’s best Alliance!