Sea Game Gameplay Android / iOS

Sea Game Gameplay

Welcome to the South Pacific Ocean!

You’ve made a wise choice! In this vast blue world, you will be able to –

Develop your base on the island! Lead your unstoppable fleets! Assemble an alliance and fight alongside your friends!

Now, it’s the time to start an incredible journey! Let’s sail with courage on the choppy waves and become the greatest overlord!


The fifties of the 20th century, last phase of the World War Two. 
Remnants of Hydra is trying to stage a comeback from the south pacific.
However, the Allies always got a solution, they sent a vast fleet to against them. 
And this is the ‘Decapitation’ strike.
You will be an experienced commander stationed on a island where with Hydra, pirates and aborigines surrounded.
All the choices you made, will change the destiny of this world.

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