Rainy Day – Remastered Gameplay Android / iOS

Rainy Day – Remastered Gameplay

Mr. Skinny realized his special ability when he returned home from work through heavy rain. However, because of a timid personality, he did not show off it to others.

In the next morning, as usual, Mr. Skinny overslept again due to yesterday’s tough journey from his office. He rushed to get ready to go to work but he did not forget to check today’s whether not to make the same mistake as yesterday : ‘NICE, It’s a SUNNY DAY’

He barely arrived at the office and there are piles of work to do today. He worked hard on silently. It’s already evening with dusk when he finished all his tasks. Oh…! OMG… Isn’ it RAIN? Ahhh…Idiot Weather forecast center.. But, it’s no use of regretting now. Mr. Skinny’s shoulders dropped with anxiety but he was full of confidence as well. After stretching himself and straightening his shoulders, he started running towards home. As dodging through the rain drops…

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