Pokémon Sword And Shield Part 1 – A New Adventure! Gameplay Walkthrough

The games are set in the new region of Galar, probably inspired by the United Kingdom, in which rural life and industrial development coexist. The mysterious protective creatures of the region are Zacian, a wolf holding a sword in its jaws, and Zamazenta , another wolf whose anterior portion of the body is protected by a large shield. The champion of the Pokémon League of the region is Dandel, whose younger brother, Hop, is presented as the protagonist’s rival friend. Both characters refer to Professor Flora, deputy to the study of Dynamax and assisted by her own niece, Sonia, who acts as her helper.
Pokémon Sword and Shield was presented pivoting on key points that represent an absolute novelty for the traditional game mechanics of the Game Freak brand: although the traditional setting of the clashes between Pokémon (hence the turn-based battles) remained unchanged, they are new features were presented: the Dynamax mode, an enhancement in the wake of Mega Evolutions and M Moves which allows a single Pokémon to assume colossal dimensions and to improve its statistics, albeit for only three shifts; the Savage Lands, or areas of the Galar open world map, where extensive exploration is possible in order to capture Pokémon; the Dynamax Raid, a true multiplayer game mode that allows the player to cooperate with three other players via Internet connection to challenge and capture a high level Pokémon.