Pokemon Saiph 2 Android IOS Download and Gameplay

Pokémon saiph 2

The game takes place 3 years after the events of Pokémon Saiph and a few weeks after Pokémon Sors, however it’s not too connected to the latter. Micah along with Darlo, are returning from a formal event which Micah was invited to as Colen’s Champion and the Co Leader of the world’s first ITP Group. (International Threat Prevention) On the flight back, they get into an mysterious accident which results with the plane crashing. Micah and Darlo evacuates everyone, however they themselves ended up being stranded in the faraway Regris Region! Micah is being treated by a Regrissian (The word used for someone from Regris just to be clear) girl and starts his mission to find Darlo, find a way to connect with Lori in Colen and a way to return home… However as always things aren’t as simple as that. Little does Micah know, that he is about to be involved in something even he hasn’t seen 3 years ago… (or Asher a few weeks ago for that matter).

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Author: Vytron