Pokemon Primal Part 5 First Gym

Pokemon Primal Part 5 First Gym Pokemon fan game gameplay

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Once, there were two Dragons.
Two Dragons that were very interlinked with Death.
One Dragon was the Dragon of Vengeance, whom made people, who had suffered a loss, grow angry, and seek out revenge to those who had caused them to lose a loved one, or a loved item.
Then, there was the Dragon of Honor,This Dragon helped people who had suffered great losses. Helped them be inspired by the dearly departed, and honor the life they head, and celebrate it, rather than mourn it.
These two dragons traveled the world, effecting many they came across. Both Dragons were enemy to the other, both with their own goals, to either cause the world to be happy, or angry.
Eventually, the Dragons paths crossed, and they fought. They both fought, and both lost.
The power used in the battle caused such an explosion that the sea moved, and land was left in the waters place.
This land became the Porma Region. A set of islands in the Sea far south of Hoenn.
Humans eventually moved here, and the islands became populated, and the Dragons were worshiped as gods.
Many Scholars and Scientists found ancient ruins, beacons that could be lit, and the dragons could return.
But, due to the sheer power of such beings, the Region decided it’s best that didn’t happen. There’s no doubt humanity, and Pokémon kind would not survive another Dragon War.

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