Planet of Heroes Gameplay Android / iOS

Planet of Heroes Gameplay
Planet of Heroes is a realtime action game for smartphones. It’s set in the genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, abbreviated as MOBA, and features elements of RPG and RTS and the story elements of an MMO.
You can play solo PVP and coop PVP, practice against bots, complete missions, and unlock new champions on the battlefield, which we call heroes. These are quick 7-minute matches with beautiful graphics and stunning effects, tactical depth, and awesome battles.
Our Game Idea
We have been avid players of the MOBA genre – on PC with League of Legends or DOTA but also on tablets with Vainglory. Even so, we wanted to play these games away from home with no stable Wifi connection – as we were riding the bus or subway, shopping and waiting for a girlfriend to finish up in the candy store, or during a break in a football match. 
This made us realize we haven’t been able to find such a game. There is no MOBA for playing on the go. Either they require a steady connection, are not optimized for smartphones (did you ever try tapping while walking?), have main game modes that are too long for playing on a mobile device, or they rely too much on paid content. 
So we thought about how to make the MOBA game genre work for mobile, eliminating all of the obstacles above, and now we’re ready to show you our game in Early Access!
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