Official Launch! Monster Hunter Riders Android IOS Gameplay

“Monster Hunter Series” new smartphone app is finally here!
The great disaster that once hit this land-
[Major disaster]
Ten knights who drive the dragon, later called [Ryukyu Ten Jie],
Save the land from the catastrophe-
New ties between people and monsters
And hundreds of years have passed …
In this Fergia continent where people and monsters live together
Again, black malice was about to wrap around.
The story is set on Fergia, where humans and monsters live together.
Monsters Familiar monsters and unique riders are gathered, raised and combined to form your own party and challenge the quest!
A command battle with a refreshing sense of tempo that can be played crisply and a flashy skill production!
Nearly infinite party customization is possible by combining various elements possessed by monsters and riders.
Not only Lioreus, but also Jinooga, Narga Kurga, Dinobardo, etc.
Popular monsters from Monhan series are coming one after another!
In addition, popular monsters will be added with updates!
As a leader of Riders Guild’s special agency [special observation team]
Command monsters and riders to shake the peace of Fergia
Find out the mysteries of the black riders!
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How You Can Play
Put Apk in your smartphone and install 🙂