Night Breaker Android Gameplay

Night Breaker by Ujoy Gameplay( Android, iOS, iPhone, Ipad)
A fantasy 3D ARPG with PvP battles, a fight between light and darkness.
Features PvP battles, intense combat environments, stunning graphics, various gears, and an excellent social system.
Unleash your passion. Play now!

HD Graphics & Low Power Consumption 
Night Breaker has stunning HD graphics. The battle mechanics and graphic style/sound allow advanced immersion within the game, allowing players to feel the powers that are unleashed upon their foes.

Four Classes with Multiple Talents
Warrior, Mage, Artisan and Knight share a total of 16 talents for you to develop. It’s all up to you!

Thrilling PvP Battles
“Cross-server war”, “Sect war”, “Guild war with up to 500 warriors”, “Epic battlefield” and “Team skirmish” are available daily. Fight to claim generous rewards!

Conquer Bosses with Powerful Heroes
It’s time to train heroes and build your top squad for combat. Going through multiple dimensions, epic heroes will always follow you. Break the stalemate between the World Boss and the warriors sent to defeat him.

Sect and Guild War
For the Knighthood, or for the Brotherhood? That’s what you’re going to face. Remember, the fights between sects will exist till the very end. An integrated guild system allows you to help out your allies in record time and without flaw.

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