New Survival Games! Zombie Strike : The Last War of Idle Battle Android / IOS

Zombie Strike, a well-designed AFK-RPG
Way different from other Idle games in the store. Zombie Strike bring you
into an area threatened by undead plague. You need to recruit an
army, train them, fight against zombies and collect resources and
broaden your territory!
  1. In Zombie Strike there are lot’s of game play! You can meed and
    recruit your warriors in bar by beers or other drinks and you also
    able to collect heroes shard to recruit them. In terms of fight, you
    can go outside fight against zombies and collect resources to
    upgrade your heroes!  
  2. It’s AI automatically play! When you engaging in the fight your
    hands are totally free, the warriors fight automatically! Saving your
    a bunch of time! You will never need to worry about hero and
    account’s level upgrade too slow or resources are insufficient
    because when you go offline doing your own business the warriors
    search and gain xp automatically. 
  3.  This isn’t just a AFK-RPGYou can build a guild with your friends. And fight against other guild!
    Zombie Strike also have rank system, you can challenge player from the whole world and learn from them!
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1. Add a new 5-star Chaos attack hero Lilith
2. Add Survival homeland visit function, unlock when the main base reaches level 8.
3. Add Christmas theme atmosphere in survival city
4. Akasha can be redeemed from Monthly Event Shop now.
5. Comprehensively strengthen the skills and talents for Skarner
6. Add seed player mechanism in Cross-server league
7. Add new difficulty Annihilation in Campaign
8. When the guild win each round, and guild members who have not participated in the battle can also receive victory rewards.
9. Add World boss ranking rewards, and will rotate the bosses of 4 factions
10. Optimize the attack and defensive mechanism in Cross-server League, players 3 teams will assign each team to attack or defend according to the seed player mechanism now.
11. Optimize the mechanism of quitting guild, members who leave the guild cannot join new guild within 24 hours.
12. Optimize the mechanism of Friend’s Boss. After killing 5 bosses of friends on the same day, no more bosses of friends can be killed.(The boss searched by yourself will not been affected)
13. Optimize the rule of the Impasse Space challenge ticket supplement. If the number of challenge tickets exceeds 10, then it will not be reset to 10 the next day.
14. Fixed the bug that the guild would continue to participate in guild wars after its dissolution.