New Pokemon Game! Pokemon Version Eclat Pourpre – Android IOS Gameplay

– A whole new story: new scenario, new characters, more mature quest but keeping the Pokémon spirit;
– All new maps: all the maps of the game are completely new.
– Many side and secondary quests waiting for you after completing the main adventure.
– a very long life; after many hours spent on the main quest, additional playing time is added to complete the side quests;
– Three levels of difficulty present;
– All Pokémon of the first three generations are catchable (including the legendary ones);
– The Pokéradar available;
– A probability of finding increased shineys;
– The physical / special split that follows the last generations;
– Different outfits available for the player to discover in the shop;
– A new Combat Tower has been created: random Pokémon, level up, you will have trouble to chain the 50 wins!
– A link cable integrated into the game for the Pokémon evolving by exchange;
– Run inside buildings;
– A brand new Trainer Card: try to hit the 5-star card! (See screens below);
– 20 new music;
– Extremely lively and varied maps: a large part of the tiles are animated and many Pokémon appear in the scenery;
– A graphic in menus, fights, sprites, completely revised;
– Mini-games;
– Objects replacing the CS and other functions.

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