New Pokemon Game! Pokemon Subnoodle – Android IOS Gameplay

DIt’s harder than Pokemon Omega Ruby where you can catch more pokemon outside Hoenn Region. You can have some new form for your favorite pokemon, new custom trainer, new gym leader, and more features… A lot of members request this game, so now it’s posted to Let’s check it out!
– Every trainer Text has been changed.
– Every trainer has a brand new team.
– Increased level/difficulty.
– Types that should have been (EG: Noctowl is now Flying Psychic).
– Hoenn forms (Pokemon that have a brand new typing/redesign).
– New Movesets for the things above.
– Gym leaders/trainers are members of the Sub discord.
– New thought out plot.
– Custom trainer models for characters.
– New Encounter location
This game is a 3DS Hack Rom in English. It’s completed.
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BETA STATUS complete
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LANGUAGE english
AUTHOR  spectre