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Pokémon opalo

has been 60 years since Coach Red became the Kanto Champion. Since then, humanity has experienced several economic collapses and humanitarian crises, which, added to a change in the mentality of the population, has led to the closure of numerous Pokémon Gyms and Leagues, losing interest in the competition. The figure of the Pokémon trainer traveling through the region begins to look like a holdover from a golden past. Only the Céfira region remains a beacon ready to resist this change of cycle. This region is also the current world economic power and the most influential in international political decisions. Pueblo Brisa, in the country part of Céfira. A young man receives a letter from an old childhood friend proposing an important mission. A discovery beyond the sea could bring prosperity back to the Pokémon world. Meanwhile, a strange astral Pokémon has appeared in the dreams of trainers, to announce the arrival of the end of the world. Two new regions. 16 Gyms. 20 New regional forms. Possibility of buying a house in Pueblo Poniente. New music. And much more!

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