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Pokemon series's first horizontal version of the fighting adventure mobile game, 100 models of elves to choose from, feel the resonance with the elves, gorgeous transformation, experience the bloody battle between the elves. The unique underground city-style adventure, 1V1 real-time online PK, smooth skill moves, wonderful floating tricks, together to appreciate the charm of fighting. There are many novelty games such as BOSS challenge, all-around competition, sacred animal trial, hamster, 喵喵 treasure library, etc., and then bid farewell to no brain brush. Developer: Fuzhou Hainiu Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • A tribute to the classics, beyond the classics. The first fighting mobile game , which was adapted from the classic IP Pokemon, officially opened the billing and deletion file on October 24. After several months of hard work by the development team, this second test not only improves the overall game quality, but also launches a new competitive gameplay and super-popular pokemon, a new version that transcends your imagination.

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Game Size : 673 

Release Date : 24 October