New 3DS Emulator! Citra MMJ Pokemon Bun Android Gameplay

You just moved to the Alola region with your alcoholic mom! She’s always looking for the next guy to spread her legs for and Professor Kukui has taken up the challenge.
Now it’s time to leave home…and abandon your mother to travel across the islands, while gathering Pokémon, seducing innocent lolis, discovering aliens and becoming a Pokémon Master!
All Pokemon encounters edited, find new rare Pokemon in Alola!
Very mature script changes, the main storyline is intact
but all dialogue is being edited and there are lots of lulz.
Outlines removed, making the game look cleaner and less childish.
Eggs hatch almost instantly.
All Pokemon are rename-able now.
Message boxes instantly display text.
Pokémarts up to after the first trial have been edited, lots of useful items
including an Oval/Shiny charm 
that you can buy at the beginning of the game!

Access your PC from anywhere! Just go into your menu and select
“Options”, it takes you straight to your PC boxes!
SaltySD patch, allows you to add in your own files/mods to the romhack
by just dragging and dropping them into a folder on your SD card.
SciresM patch, lets you use the QR Scanner to scan a PKHex QR Code
and easily load a Pokémon in your PC boxes. Also unlimited QR scans daily.
It’s a 3DS Rom and Completed. It’s English!
Download Link
Download Game : Click Here
Alternative Downlod : Click Here
Download 3DS Emulator Android : Click Here
Download 3DS Emulator PC : Click Here
Download Porgramm to rename game : Click Here
How You Can Play
Install Emulator CITRA MMJ
Download Game
Extract Zip and put game in smartphone and rename game .3DS in .CCI
Open 3DS Emulator And Enjoy The Game 😛
How Install
View Video Guide In your left . if you have some question write in youtube page 🙂 Game Need Snapdragon 855 to reach 20-25 fps stable other device is not supported