New 3DS Emulator! Citra MMJ Pokemon 8BitBros Edition Android Gameplay

– Updated Soaring in the Sky textures
– Added more compatibility for TM50: Aqua Hammer
– Added more custom shinies for regular Pokemon
– Removed shiny lock on Rotom-G
– Replaced Pokedex images for Pokemon with Dream Forms to the
concept art sprites . This applies to all
non-legendary Dream Forms, as well as select Legendary Dream Forms
– Fixed Elite For All mugshots not displaying properly
– Updated textures for a select few Dream Forms and their shinies
– Various bug fixes and QoL edits 
is 3ds completed rooms english
Download Link
Download 3DS Emulator Android : Click Here
Official Site Citra Android : Click Here
Download 3DS Emulator PC : Click Here
Download Programm to rename game : Click Here
Game Here : Click Here
How You Can Play
Install emulator citra mmj-download game-extract zip and put game in smartphone rename game .3ds in cci. -open 3ds emulator and enjoy the game
How Install
View Video Guide In your left . if you have some question write in youtube page 🙂 Game Need Snapdragon 855 to reach 20-25 fps stable other device is not supported