Kitty City The Great Bath – Android IOS Gameplay

Kitty City The Great Bath Gameplay( Android, iOS, iPhone, Ipad)

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The cat’s out of the bag on this brand new paw-tastic game! 

Once upon a time, Kitty City was a thriving town. There was plenty of food, entertainment and overall camaraderie. Just as the city was growing, a giant yarn ball meteor crashed into the ocean, flooding it, destroying everything in its wake. 

Help Farmer Franny and her other Kittizen pals rebuild Kitty City! Harvest crops and catch fresh fish as you restore this city to its former glory. Build restaurants and a delicious diner to feed your furry friends! 

– Rescue Kittizens to unlock new buildings and recipes!
– Provide resources and craft valuable goods
– Join leagues and compete with your friends!
– Fulfill Orders at MEW-P-S Air and Rail!
– Use the Mew-P-S to send goods to far away friends!
– Level up your cats to earn bonuses.
– Earn kittens to increase your speed.