Hokuto Ga Gotoku (Yakuza Fist of the North Star) Gameplay Trailer PS4

Yakuza Studio has unexpectedly announced Hokuto Ga Gotoku, a new action game based on the animated series Hokuto No Ken. The game will present an original story set in the Ken’s Warrior universe, with similar mechanics of Yakuza, but adapt to marry the universe conceived by Tetsuo Hara.
Toshihiro Nagoshi revealed that the game will not be a Yakuza copy and paste, but an original project with so many new elements. Ken will be dubbed by Takaya Kuroda, the same dubber of Kazuma Kiryu, the game is expected for 2018 on PlayStation 4, more details will arrive at the Tokyo Game Show in September.
Yakuza Studio has also announced Yakuza 2 Kiwami and Yakuza Online, more information is expected in the next few hours

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