Gates of Epica Gameplay Android / iOS

Gates of Epica Gameplay
Take on the challenges in Epica, venture through a breathtaking 3D fantasy world and seal an ancient gate through which monsters invade our world.
These devious creatures are found everywhere and come in all sizes, the big bosses in particular can be quite a bother. Fortunately all beasts drop loot – lots and lots of it! So, battle your way through this thrilling action RPG and equip your warrior with the best gear possible. Be careful, however, as intricate puzzles will impede your journey. Will you be smart and strong enough to achieve glory?
Prove your worth in the single-player campaign. Explore the highest mountains, sprawling jungles and fight your way through the darkest dungeons – all in the quest for better loot, more experience and legendary equipment. Rally your friends to defeat the ultimate enemies: tough multiplayer bosses!
– Choose between three unique character classes: Be the heroic and brave Knight, the fun-loving but battle-hardened Guardian or the mysterious and stealthy Shadow Mage.
– Individualize your hero: Every hero has powerful skills – learn, upgrade and master them. Use them wisely though – with great power comes great responsibility!
– Boost your stats and looks: Craft unique, powerful weapons and epic armor, and see how your character evolves and improves.
– Play in two modes:
o Single-player campaign: Adventurous PvE missions that will test your strength and wits. Face a variety of ferocious monsters in action-packed combat, solve tricky puzzles and overcome traps and obstacles to succeed.
o Epic multiplayer boss battles: Join up to 100 other players to bring down huge and fearsome beasts.
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