First Beta! Naruto Boruto Ninja Tribes – Android IOS Gameplay

DNARUTO X BORUTO NINJA TRIBES brings together all of your favorite characters and teams from multiple generations of the iconic NARUTO and BORUTO worlds, with Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura of the original Team 7 fighting against or alongside their new Team 7 counterparts Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki, as well an unforgettable lineup of other fan favorites such as Gaara and Ino-Shika-Cho.

Shinobi Battles
Get a deck of your favorite shinobi together and battle it out strategically with your three-shinobi squad in fast-paced shinobi action, just like in the NARUTO and BORUTO world. All with a single tap!
Strategic Gameplay
Work out the best strategy to beat other shinobi in battle and enhance your shinobi’s skills and gear through a variety of training, game modes, and rewards to unlock heaps of in-game content. Assemble your ninja squads to compete against other players’ squads or make alliances with their team to tackle Raids and defeated mighty Raid Bosses.
Tribe Specials
Pull of dynamic Tribe Specials and ninjutsu combos which evoke a sense of speed and awe as you bring unique shinobi bonds to life via these incredible techniques, just like in the anime.
Dynamic Visuals
Immerse yourself in highly-dynamic 2D visuals which evoke an unrivaled sense of speed and presence. Your character visuals will evolve as you level up your shinobi!
Heaps of Content
Take on tower battles, battle against other players’ data in Ninja Arena, or work with other players to fight against really tough opponents in Raids. This is just some of the content you’ll experience in the game…get ready, there’s more!
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