Fable of Fantasy (KR)Gameplay Android / iOS

Fable of Fantasy 환상동화 Gameplay

■ Emotional action RPG
Growth of Heroes in Story Focus
In addition,
Even emotional graphics

■ Reversible charm Two heroes’ colorful action
A hot battle that alternates between the two heroes
And colorful skills
Build your own skills and go on an adventure.

■ Does not it look strong even if it looks?
Unique equipment for each hero and mercenary
Let’s look at how it grows and grows stronger.

■ When battle is difficult? With transformation!
The girl with single hair (?) From Elizabeth
To Sono-geo
Meet four charming transformers

■ Not me alone! More than 25 mercenaries
Escort mercenaries and strong supporters to protect the side
Collect the pieces of Mahon of the mercenaries
Let’s evolve into a powerful mercenary.

■ Various contents to enjoy endlessly
Arena that can compete with many users
Day of the week to acquire material items
Three contents including infinite tower which can not know the end

Became the protagonist of fantasy fairy tales
Save the kingdom and become a hero.

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App Store: TBA

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