Dungeon Striker G (JP) Gameplay Android / iOS

Dungeon Striker G Gameplay
■ Fiercely & Fast Action Battle!
Four occupations such as a proximity type “Warrior” and a long distance type “Mage”
Battle style is greatly different Points of element full mark!
Buddies fighting together, “God Soldier”!
The soldier takes attack, defense, recovery and battle by taking it to battle
It is a reliable companion to support.
Due to different attack methods and available skills by Jinja,
By combining, adventure can proceed favorably.
■ Enjoy solo and multi!
It is a multiplay with a variety of invitation methods as well as solo play,
“Aibo” = enjoy cooperative play with your friends!
Multiplay can be enjoyed from 2 types! A stage that can only be put in multiplayer,
Bosses that can not fight!
Three people cooperation: Fighting with friends all over the country. You can join up to 6 characters including Jinja.
Friend cooperation: Fight with friends that you registered. You can join up to 4 characters including Jinja.
Cute characters and avatars
You can create your own original coordination by combining avatars of hundreds or more types.
【Voice cast】
Warrior, Hasadin, Chatillon, Berglett, Flakey: Yuichiro Umehara
Ranger, Bernstein, Milleton: Midorikawa Mikawa
Mage, Rena, Ericia: Ayane Sakura
Cleric, Katrina, Celina: Yoko Higakasa
Riana, Dorias, Cassia: Noriko Kuwashima
Gilliam, Taro Sas: Ginga Romantica
[Required Environment] (Some models do not work even if they meet the environment)
Android version 4.0 or later
Free space 2.0 GB or more
※ Please secure the capacity before installation
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