Digimon: New Century 数码宝贝:新世纪 Android IOS Gameplay

digimon new century- digimon new generation

“Digimon: New Century” test server page jointly developed by Bandai Namco (Shanghai) and Qixia Interactive Entertainment has opened. Click “Digimon: New Century (test server)” to download the game on the test server page. Learn more.
“Digimon: New Century” takes the development and competition of Digimon as the core, and it took two years of research and development. After repeated research and understanding of IP, “Digimon: New Century” launched a new worldview. Humans and Digimon have realized the coexistence of the same world, and the prosperous “virtual space” will become the main place for players’ activities. A peaceful, mysterious, high-tech digital world is about to open. What kind of adventure story will happen here, and will there be a new crisis? The answer lies in the game, please wait and see. It is worth mentioning that “Digimon: New Century” is also the first genuine mobile game in mainland China that contains the original animation plot. The full coefficient code baby will appear in the game one by one. In addition, the digital text in the factory, the phone booth on the beach, the tram on the lake island, the mayor of the toy city and many other familiar scenes and elements in the original animation will also be brand new The visual effect is presented to everyone.

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How You Can Play

Put Apk in your smartphone and install , to register download wechat play store after that open game and click green icon in your left to logina via wechat
GENRE mmorpg
AUTHOR  NamcoBandai