Cubie Adventure Gameplay Android / iOS

Cubie Adventure Gameplay
Adventure with your Cubie and Cupet friends! 
From cute looks and immersive gameplay! Cubie Adventure welcomes you! 
■ One Touch Gameplay 
Easy and Simple!
Simply tap to navigate through the mesmerizing Cubie World.
■ Adorable Characters 
Meet the crew. Cubies and Cupets with style!
Make friends to unleash special bonus effects!
■ An Engaging Terrain 
This is not your average walk in the park.
Hop over obstacles, dash through lethal traps, and outrun foes!
■ The Race Is On 
Race against others and test your skills!
Can you outrun your friends and seize 1st place?
■ Who’s the Boss 
Time your taps, stack your combos, and boom!
Boss battles where your timing will definately pay off!
■ Go Hardcore 
No more room for mistakes! 
If you love challenges Crazy Mode is for you!
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