Crime Coast Gameplay Android / iOS

Crime Coast Gameplay
Great news! A Crime Coast, anything goes! corrupt cops! Criminals! Massacres!
From Gundon in Crooklyn, the fury of the most ruthless criminal gangs breaks and terrible things happen! Criminals of all nations are pouring on the coast, committing crimes, massacres and transforming every city into a haven for criminals!

Collects protection money, send your minions assault of rival gangs, plot conspiracies, creates the best criminal alliances and one day maybe you could become the ‘King of the crime’. Leverages the capabilities of your minions and creates a criminal gang ready to die for you … and probably you will.

You and your friends can associate to commit crimes and extortion! Also, in this game there is also room for whistleblowers. You could earn some banknotes $ 100 that will be useful to continue the game!

Be criminals has never been easier.

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