Bravery Chronicle (JP) Gameplay Android / iOS

Bravery Chronicle (JP) Gameplay
デベロッパ:NHN hangame Corp.

▼ Action Strategy!
To specify the destination of the four-party to act in the auto you can establish a unique and capture of,
Trigger timing and skill effect range of skills, to assess the monster of the attack,
You can assemble your own capture properties.
Of course, also crisp play in full auto OK!

▼ fantasy RPG
Also battle with huge boss! 3D fantasy world with a profound feeling!
In a world that is drawn with beautiful graphics,
A large number of characters, the stage, the monster waits!
Even many of the huge boss that some powerful, trying to break through with their own capture method!

▼ colorful battle mode
Also enhance competition and cooperation elements of the player!
Huge Bosubatoru “Raid Battle”, compete in the rankings “punitive Corps”, etc.
Elements packed speedrun in various modes!

▼ Town
Advantageously Susumeyo Let the adventure by building a variety of buildings, such as “gold mine”, “Institute”, “training field”
Construction to their liking and to coordinate, trying to make the original of the Town!

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