Brave Heart :Tale Of Lost City Gameplay Android / iOS

Brave Heart :Tale Of Lost City Gameplay

Brave Heart: Tale Of Lost City Best Game of the Year 2017.
Find the courage in yourself and your dating days are familiar with the games Mobile RPG super warm heart.
– Most of the MMORPG Legend back in the form of a Mobile Game.
– Character bang effect in most cases. Along with featuring the most striking
– Vocational familiar. Swordman (swordsman super tough) Mage (mage wacky) Archer (archer cool), along with Hi-Class – companion animals. loyalist Who fought side shoulder Is both cute and majestic with a special buff skill.
– Costume Fashion Cute It gives special status to the wearer.

Community system and PVP
– Functions hunting party boss brutal Rare item and win prizes MVP.
– The Guild Association, The Audacity of land lost. Along with many special privileges
– The Guild War battle scene fun. Together to compete as one.
– PVP Arena battles between players and skill for competing for honors.

Adventure mode range
– Dungeon Party troops ransacked team dungeon grueling. With Friends
– Dungeon treasure Stand as one The items most precious treasure.
– Raise the Surf World Boss super strong attack to regain lost territory.

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