Arena Masters CBT Gameplay Android / iOS

Arena Masters CBT  Gameplay
Experience the competitive real-time PvP battles of Arena Masters!
Dominate the arena with a cast of cute and deadly heroes!
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– CBT Period: 11/29 (Tue) – 12/2 (Fri)
* Notice: Please keep in mind that this is a Closed Beta Test for Arena Masters!
Your account and all data from the CBT will be reset at the time of the official launch.
Real-time PvP!
– Every match is different!
– Master a multitude of unique heroes!
6 different PvP battle modes!
– Zombie Virus: The virus is spreading! Can you survive?
– King of the Hill: Cooperate with your team to capture the objective!
– Duel Arena: A free-for-all battle royale!
No auto-play system! In Arenas Masters, you have control! 
– No more watching your character auto-play!
– Use skills and strategies to overcome the competition!
Prepare for battle! 
– Watch out! The arena is full of tricks and traps!
– Fight your way to the top of the ranks!
Customize your heroes! 
– Your heroes, your way!
– Choose from a variety of costumes for each hero!
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