Amateur Surgeon 4 Gameplay Walkthrough # 1 Android / iOS

Amateur Surgeon 4 Gameplay
It operates more than 100 patients using cooking gear in Amateur Surgeon: Regenerations!
Grab your trusty pizza cutter wheel and start the action!
Dr. Bloodthirsty, pioneer of improvised surgery, is back from the dead. Help him solve the mystery of his sudden resurrection as he travels the world, seeking answers and saves a few lives already there.
* Play Doctor of more than 100 to open and operate!
* It works on eyes, brains, hearts, lungs, robots, bears, giant squid … and more!
* Recruit more than 30 servers with bizarre and unique special abilities!
* Take on the survival mode Field Hospital with rapid interventions!
* Compare records and goals with your friends!
Tackles the classic levels of Amateur Surgeon 1-3, remastered and revised, as well as new interventions and an exclusive storyline.Discover the background to the story of Alan Fluoroscopy, Dr. Bloodthirsty and hospitals chain “Bloody,” he cooperates with old and new friends, including an experienced cardiac rate and a dog who knows more of the devil on how to treat cuts.The original game of surgical simulation is back, with new patients and strange and wonderful speeches and lots and lots of blood!
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